Brian Fudge Memorial Scholarship

Extra information

Brian Fudge, the son of Derek Fudge and Jill Broadbent, and the brother of Steve, graduated from John McRae Secondary School in Ottawa in June 2001 and from the Police Foundations program at Humber College in Toronto in May 2004. On January 2, 2005, Brian passed away after just having celebrated his 22nd birthday.


To enter:

  • you must be a child or grandchild (including foster child or foster grandchild) a legal ward of a current or retired member of a Component or a Component's affiliate of the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE);
  • you must be planning to enter the 1st year of a Canadian public, post-secondary education institution, full-time in 2022/23;
  • and, you must be planning to enter a field of study in policing, criminal justice, community services or health care.

The winner will be determined based on a 750-to-1,000-word essay on this year’s topic. Marks are allocated for presentation and adherence to the topic.

The online application form must be completed and used to submit the essay.

Essay topic

The importance of your field of study in either policing, criminal justice, community services, or health care in delivering public services to Canadians.

Award amount
Application deadline
5 pm (EDT), Friday, August 12, 2022
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